About Me

I always find writing an "About Me" page to be quite daunting - how do you sum yourself up in a few words, sentences or paragraphs?  I don't know if I have ever actually mastered the About Me page but I'm putting one here because I know I enjoy reading other people's About Me pages, it's just so nice to get to know others.

So, about me:

I'm 30 years old, engaged to be married (Feb, 2012), owner of (or slave to?) four full-time cats and one part-time cat (we are currently officially baby sitting but he is usually here anyway).  Two of our cats are moggies, two are Maine Coons - the water bowls are never full! 

I am currently on a mission to lose I am not sure how much weight before my wedding, as I have bought a dress two-sizes too small (but I am not sure what that equates to in kilograms so it is a case of just seeing how I go).

I started a sewing group at work for the ladies to join in (I work in Aged Care) which has re-inspired me to start sewing and quilting, I spend so much time planning, preparing and attempting to get the ladies motivated that I have somehow managed to motivate myself!

I am blessed with a wonderful, if small, family and Himself is the same, so we are fairly quiet and not terribly "out there" sort of people but it suits us quite well (not counting the crazy cats, of course).  I am blessed most of all to have Himself in my life - he has already spent many an hour in fabric shops with me, offering his opinions, and his expertise (such as threading my machine for me and adjusting the tension after I forgot how).